Sunday, April 17, 2011

what is it about colour that is so attracting?

It can brighten things up like nothing else.
A mood ; a room ; a season
It's snowed here over night and it's planning on snowing on and off all day
The 17th of April and we have white snow!
Very happy I picked up some cut flowers for the dinning room. To bring hope into our home . Hope of colour and warmth.

Right now we could do with a little of both

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm back !!!!!

I know , I know it's been a bit....
I apologize for that

The list of excuses is long and pretty standard stuff; like time flys when your living it!
or next thing you know the week is the weekend! or there is the one where we lost our Internet provider .
Ya' that's the best one ... our Internet provider went belly up . Imagine in this day and age having no access to the world wide web!!!
Scary thought but true for several rural residents such as myself.
Rural takes on a whole new meaning when you come to realize what isolated truly means.

The web has become more important than first thought and certainly more so when you are 2 hours away from Zellers , or Walmart or Tim Horton's .
No; it's true but seriously;
several people out here make their leaving off this "information highway " and that is important to remember when big business make it their business to take rural for granted. We have a lot to offer and the world has a lot to learn about "rural" ... when you can get cell phone access in "third-world" country's but not in backyard Canada we ; fellow Canuks have ourselves a problem!!

So my rant is done and we will be back with more "fun" soon
but Until then .......... look both ways before crossing the highway

Monday, October 18, 2010

we all start out the same ... pretty much.
All happy and accepting and open to the adventure before us.
It gets harder and harder to keep "the joy" when you've been around the block enough times that your ankles are sore , your knees hurt and you can't find your own front door!!!
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"
Up and Downs are part of the ride!!
So enjoy the simple things ... hey it worked when you were younger ..
Who knows it may still have the magic~or could it be the magic?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Beauty is everwhere

I am so fortunate to live where I leave... I get to look out at views like this everyday.

WE are blessed.
We just need to be aware of our blessing.
it's so easy to fight, to envy , to let the ego take over.
but that is fear talking and fear will not solve a single problem we are facing out there in the real world.If it did solve one it would just find an other... ( ego is a workaholic doing's it's best , Ego believes it won't survive or be needed it we lived in love ) Love it the only answer. Compassion, tolerance. complete acceptance that we are all human being. Better yet

~WE are all spiritual being having a human experience~
"Spidy senses" of the ego to keep you safe are extremely important and we oat to pay head to them . Those senses are on overdrive and they are in control right now. The line up at the grocery store or being stuck in traffic is NOT a reason to summon the ego... You can't do anything about it anyway except stew and that's not very helpful let alone healthy. And it just may mean it's a chance to BREATH for a bit...

Life has two side to it ... The good and the ugly we need to flip it more often and remember the good side .

So this year I am going to show you the good that I see everyday.
I will focus my images to the beauty that is there. to help myself and mabye just mabye you as well.
See the glass as half full.

Shit happens I know that and so do you BUT very very rarely do we have diarrhea!!!

Don't let fear lead the way , be guided by your light not your dark.
and as sure as I breath I know we will be alright when we take that path. The path of light, love , calm breath, trusting in our heart and getting out of our heads.
Life is good, Life is great!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fall has fallen upon us!!
Beautiful colours and
cripes days.
Don't you just love these colours
I always seem to want to repaint our home this time of the year!

Monday, August 30, 2010

housewife on vacation


that what it's all about

We were in Newfoundland and boy was it fun!

I fell in love with this little bird they call a puffin and it really is little about the same size as a fat blue jay .

Our time on the rock was brief but oh so memorable and
we will definitely be back.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wild rider !!

This is me on a "segway";smiling having fun!
What you don't see ;and I won't bore you with photos and gory details; is
Moi with broken elbow ,sprained wrist and 4 stitches over my left eye.
[I had a great time and would go back again with elbow pads and wrist guards]
it's a great way to see the desert.
I love the desert. The dry heat, the wild life , the vegetation... the cactus were in bloom . The colours and variety were both a surprise and a delight.
To think I went to the desert to curl and I came back broken from a "segway" ride!
There is irony in there somewhere